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发布者: 发布日期:2018-11-09 09:54:31
Iron wire 2D bending machine   
  1. 本设备设计理念,以机器代替人工,无需调直机构、无需开模即可生产,只要产品是在一个平面上,各种形状均可成型。
  2. 选用高精度伺服控制系统驱动伺服电机机械传动选用精密齿轮连接,永远保持不变的送线精度和送线速度
  3. 剪切油缸液压站配备强制风冷散热器,保证机器长期连续工作的稳定性,加倍延长液压系统元件的使用寿命
  4. 控制系统采用PLC与人机触摸屏连接,既方便操作,又保证了控制系统的稳定性,而且设计有生产数量预置功能,设定好产量后,设备自动连续运行,为企业节省了人工开支
  5. 主要用于铁线、不锈钢线、铜线、铝线成型(弯制)各种不规则形状的平面产品,如方、圆、六角、椭圆、各种扣类、各式挂钩及不同圈径和不同弧形的线材
Functions and features:
1.This equipment design concept, This equipment design concept, No need straightening materials, do not need to open mold production, as long as the products are in one plane, various shapes can be formed;
2.Selects the high precision servo motor servo control system, Mechanical transmission choice precision gears to connect,Always keep constant wire feeding precision and linear velocity;
3.Shear cylinder hydraulic station equipped with forced air cooling heat sink, Ensure the long-term continuous working stability of machine, Double extend the service life of hydraulic system components;
4.Control system adopts PLC and touch HMI connection, Convenient operation, and ensure the stability of the control system.Preset functions and design with production quantity, Set production, equipment automatic continuous operation, saving the expenditure of the hire people for the enterprise;
5.It is mainly used for iron wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire forming (bending) all kinds of irregular shape of flat products, such as square, round, hexagonal, oval, all kinds of buttons, all kinds of hook and different ring of wire diameter and different arc.
主要技术参数Main Technical Parameters:
机种型号Machine Model WBM2.5-5
线径范围Wire diameter range 2.5-5mm
送线长度length of wire feeding wire 按照用户设定According to the user setting
弯折角度Bending Angle ± 0.02°
最大送线速度Max. Wire Feed Speed 按照100mm产品达50个\min(According to the 100 mm products up to 50 / min)
最大弯折速度max. bending speed 2-5 turns / sec
定位准确度Positioning accuracy ± 0.5°
4轴使用效能4 axis use power 水平移动2.7KW  送线3.8KW   转线2.7KW 切刀3.7KW  
内弯刀3.7KW   外弯刀3.7KW 
输入功率 Input power 3KVA
伺服电机功率The servo motor power 3*1kw
机器尺寸Machine size 长(L) 2000MM 宽(W) 800MM 高(H) 1000MM
机器重量Machine weight 1200KG
标准配备Sandard equipment: 送线架一个(A Wire feeding frame)
(1) 送线轮Wire feeding wheel 3pcs
(2) 切刀+切刀固定座cutter+Cutting knife block 1SET
(3) 旋转头 rotate handpiece 2PCS
选备配件: Optional accessories
(1) 送线架Wire feeding frame  500KGS 或 1000KGS 或 1500 KGS